Spirituality – a Marvel world

Author : Ms.Roopika N

Spirituality doesn’t mean religion or disconnecting from the existing life. It is to walk within, to understand the self, to balance the inner emotions, being non-judgmental about the self and others. It is to manage the own life understanding it better instead of trying to understand and manage others.

The whole existence is routed through some divine grace. Human being understands with some reasoning. Everything happens only with human mind as it is grown beyond survival. Human do not live only with survival limits, he moves towards what next and keeps working towards progress in any possible way ( negative or positive). Every human mind you get connected is in a verge filling it’s requirements and progress and also in what next? Process. It can’t rest simply with contentment. Because, the thoughts are the food for survival of mind.

What are food for thoughts? The attraction through the senses, which is followed with belief system which is accumulated over years. Everything finally tagged into “I” , the identity of self with everything around. If there is no identity or attachment or tagging, there is no expectations, no confusions, no conclusions or no emotional traumas. It all depends on the bodily existence of “I” with all which falls apart with bodily separations from this world which is permanent. The thought of separation is permanent unless one understands that, we belong to one universe and connected to each other through the divine spirit even being physically apart.

If everyone thinks or limits his/her thinking to survival, then there is no question of unpleasantness in life. There is no Ego, no fight, no fear of loss, no insecurities etc., . The life will be with full of livelihood which is inner joy as one would be open to receive the divine grace as, the mind , body and spirits are having space to receive the power from the ultimate spirit. The life will be with full of life.

When it comes to “I” it is not owning, possessing or controlling anyone other than the self. I am the divine power, the divinity to spread to the whole universe. When one starts traveling with this thought, the world become one and the spiritual life will begin to be a wonderland to live.

Keep smile , it goes miles touching every heart you pass through…


By Roopika N

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