Are we Contented? An article ~~by Roopika

If you look around the world, every one are running behind something. Not many seems to be joyful, they look as if something is tied and they are trying to run away or dragging the life because of that knot. The learned men say that, if people are miserable they can spread only misery around them. The contentment comes from within, the peace follows.

Then you may ask what is contentment? Contentment is a feel of filled heart. Like one gets a Ah! feel after having lunch after a long starve. The fulfillment of heart, mind, soul together. It cannot be explained completely but can be experienced when certain example is given.

Think that, you are literally thirsty from long hours and longing for one drop of water and you get a glass of water to drink. After drinking water, you will feel filled, complete, a feel as if you are done with the life and you don’t need anything anymore at that moment. A smile passes through your face without your knowledge. Vibes passes throughout the body. That is contentment. A feel of satisfaction from the core of heart.

Why most of the people are not satisfied with the present life? It’s simple, the life in present is not in line with their expectations. All the time, the wish list of human keeps changing from one to more, more and even more …depending on the situation. It may be because of comparison (most of the time), comparison may be due the feeling or vacuum of overcoming the past of self or parents and so on…

Now you may ask, is it impossible to live a contented life? Should we leave all our desires to live like that? Should we become sages to be a contented personality?

I strongly say NO. It’s not impossible but very much possible to live a contented life in the same life. It’s only the question of changing the mindset and not the place, situation or people around. Few lines I would like to share with you to live that NOW life or contented life here:

1.      Accept the life as is : One should start accepting present life or present situation as it is. I would not say, stop dreaming. Dreaming is good, desires are good, they keep us alive. But at the same time one should be aware of the present situation and love it to live, not to run away.

2.      Love thyself : Rejection of self and self pity always keep you hanging with dis-satisfied life. So it’s important to accept the self gracefully and love the self life.

3.      Avoid unwanted advises : Some people bring in unwanted advises as per their life style, situation & their past. We do not have to accept what they say unless it is suitable for our life. We are unique, and it is wise to sustain that uniqueness as our unique practices and way of living always gets us into contented life. Your heart fills, when you do what you like the most and it need not satisfy or please others.

4.      Living with Negative people : If you have a choice eliminate such people, but many a time we are left with no other choice but to live with negative vibes or negative energetic people (like family). Such people wait for your reactions and make you wild to get the energy from you through communication or reactions. The advise is to tolerate and meditate to let the vibes go. When we do not react & sustain with our inner energy, we protect our life from energy loss. We protect our life by not anticipating to negative energy. Silence is the most graceful act which one has to carry out instead of fighting each time.

5.      Helping : The most important act is helping people around in whatever the way possible. It may be time, motivation, work, education, knowledge sharing etc., any tangible or intangible to the world around. You need not restrict your help only to human beings. You can also help nature or any living beings. Give them something and it reflects in your heart as a shine of satisfaction. A person who is selfish and never thinks of the world will always carry a heavy heart of discontentment.

6.      Living 100% with passion : One side is your passion which drives you crazy in life, another side is your 100% being in every moment of life. Past can never get you anywhere, future who has seen? Any time your body will be in present, but only mind can travel to past and future without much being in present. Where ever, what ever you do, be there 100%. Some time if you want to take a break and want to check how long you can be there in past and future, try to be there for a while 100%, I think most will not be able sustain being only in past fully nor in future fully. But being in present yes!! it is always possible. So, the best way is to be with passionate hobbies like Arts, Sports, Travel etc., which drives you crazy and it will make you sustain in present. It gives a feel of you being alive.!

7.      Pleasing others :  This act kills the self and one can never attain contented life as one would be running far from self and try to secure place in others heart or mind. People and their requirements keeps changing from time to time. Don’t bother. Just be there as you are and let them join you, if they feel you are like minded or if they feel they can accept you as you are. If you have to please anyone, then it’s life time job. Finally you will see a day of regret which makes you feel more than dead life. Please yourself to please your heart, your inner God, and live with contentment.

 A contented person will not need anything but breathing and experience of grace all the time. He or she lives the life as is, with complete satisfaction without cribbing for anything else. The Universe listens to your contentment and more Grace will pour to sink to understand the happenings of the universe from time to time. A spiritual life is not gaining anything, it’s being as with full of satisfaction.

© Roopika N