Own Your Life…. by Ramesh Kumar K

The duality of existence accompanies us through our life, giving experiences of goodness and difficulties. The variation depends upon how one takes control of his life determining more ups or downs.

There are circumstances when life pushes us to an edge giving a feeling that there exists no opportunity to retrieve back, breaking all our faith and hope that was built over the years. A question that prominently pops as to why it is me? Many get to experience such situations sometime or the other. But, most move on, rekindling that lost hope within to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Where there is a success, failure does exist. A familiar thought comes up “I have worked hard throughout and did the best always. In spite of this, I have failed”. Failure is again relative to oneself comparing with respect to the one’s own perception about success. This may be in your schools, colleges, and workplace or even in relationships. There are possibilities that your responsibility towards failure maybe 10% or even zero. Other people and circumstances may have caused the rest of it. Do I still own responsibility towards my failure? A question that everyone should try to answer.

When the responsibility shifts outside of you, you suffer such failures creating a roadblock to your growth. A good driver learns to circumvent the curves or bad patches on the road owning as his responsibility to drive to the destination to reach. When that understanding comes, we make a way to move on dropping what is not required.

If I have traveled this long in my life because I drove it myself to reach wherever I am in now. Then, I have the control to move out to a different situation too. A choice that is possible. Nothing binds us to stay stagnant where we are unless we diligently make that choice to be there.

 Dream big and protect it well to achieve it. Every step, every day should be inching to reach that goal. It may be a small baby step, but keep moving. There are many stories heard of rags to riches. Many unsung heroes have touched great heights in their life. Their achievements are purely by perseverance towards achieving their goal. 

Own your life with dignity and pride.Nothing is more worth than you are. Your esteem and values come first. Do not compromise in any situation. Be compassionate to yourself, before you can be on others.  If you exist, everything exists

– By Ramesh Kuppuswamy

Author of a book – Revelation – a path walked

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