Being The Possibility Buddha!… Aikya Story Time

I am reminded of a great mystic, Nagarjuna. He used to live naked, and even kings and queens used to touch his feet. He was absolutely a beggar — he had not even a begging bowl. So while he was visiting the capital the queen presented him with a golden begging bowl studded with diamonds. With tears she asked him not to reject it.

Nagarjuna said, “I will not reject it, I will not hurt your feelings, but it will be very difficult for me to keep it for long — a naked man, and I have to sleep also. Anybody can steal it. I sleep under the sky, I sleep under a tree … It is not going to be with me for long.”

But the queen said, “It does not matter, I will prepare another better than this. Now it is a question of my prestige. So if it is lost, whenever I see you again you will get another.”

Nagarjuna said, “I have no objection.”

A thief was hearing all this and said, “My god. A golden bowl worth millions of rupees, studded with diamonds, and this naked man … it is absolutely unsuitable, it does not fit.” So he followed Nagarjuna thinking, “Let this fellow go to sleep   …” Nagarjuna was staying in ruins outside the town where doors were missing, where walls had fallen — and this thief was hiding behind a wall.

Nagarjuna was watching — “Somebody is following me. Obviously he cannot be following me to these ruins. He must be following for the begging bowl.” Then he saw the thief hiding behind a wall. He threw the begging bowl outside the window and told the man, “Take it. I will not force you to become a thief, I give it to you as a gift.”

Do you see how the buddhas behave? “I will not force you to become a thief because that will be my crime, not your crime. I give it to you as a gift. Just take it and run away.” The man could not run away, could not believe it. He was almost frozen. He had never seen such a man, who can throw a thing worth millions of rupees just as if it is nothing, and he is saving him from being a thief. He is giving it to him as he would give a friend a gift.

Something triggered in the thief’s heart. He said, “Can I come inside and touch your feet and sit by your side just for a few minutes? I have never seen such a man like you.”

Nagarjuna said to him, “That was exactly the purpose of throwing the bowl, to bring you in. Come in, sit down.”

He followed everything. He asked Nagarjuna, “How could you manage to throw such a precious thing? I am a thief, to be honest. I cannot be dishonest to a man like you. And you have been so compassionate that you don’t want me to be a thief, but that is my profession.”

Nagarjuna said, “There is no harm, you continue to be a thief. *Just remember one thing, that you are a Buddha.”*

He said, *”My god, I am a thief and you are telling me to remember that I am a Buddha!”*

Nagarjuna said, “This is enough. You just try, and I am going to stay for two weeks. You can come anytime, day or night, to give me the result, what happens.”

After the third day he was there with the begging bowl, asking Nagarjuna, “Please take it back; otherwise I will be murdered. Now the whole town knows that I have got it. I have been hiding it here and there but it can be protected only by a queen or a king.”

Nagarjuna said, “You  leave it here, it is not important. What is important is, what happened to the discipline I had given to you?”

He said, “You have given me a tremendous discipline. I first thought, ‘It is so easy just to remember that I am a buddha.’ But you are very clever, *because when I went to steal something, just the remembrance that ‘I am a buddha’ and I would get frozen, my hands would not move to take anything.* For three days I have not stolen a single thing. This is unprecedented in my life. And I don’t think that again I will be able to steal. This is a dangerous thing you have said to me, because the moment I find an opportunity to steal something, the remembrance that I am a Buddha … I simply relax, I escape — it is not right for a buddha. I cannot let you down or let the buddha down.”

Nagarjuna said, “That is your problem. But take this begging bowl because somebody will take it, and it does not matter who takes it.”

*He said, “Forget all about it. Just as you remember, I also remember: I am a Buddha.”*

The very remembrance of who you are is going to transform your whole life. You cannot do anything against your consciousness. You have been doing it because you have been unaware. The only secret is to achieve a recognition that inside you there is a witnessing self. *The name of the witnessing self is the Buddha.*

*In every act, in every word, just remember your inner being  — its blissfulness, its silence, its grandeur, its eternity – and you cannot be the same man.*

This is called the transmission of the lamp. It happens in the intimacy of the master and the disciple. Nothing is said but something is understood.

The very energy of the master, the very presence simply penetrates you and awakens you, brings you out of your dreams and your sleep. That is the meaning of the word ‘Buddha’: one who is awake.


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