Face the Challenges!!!

Few days back, a beautiful human asked “SV, why, why I am in so much of chaos and why God is not listening my prayers and why one after the another problem are like non-stopped rains, flooding my life with more and more problems?  I am tired, and can’t handle the pressure at times. If God listen to your prayer please ask Him to answer my prayers also”

I knew the turmoil the soul was into, and when we are in chaos our only tangible aim is God. I said “relax, just breathe and have glass of water, then we continue”, and took the soul on a walk with me, a small one. I said, first and foremost, don’t imitate and drop the idea of being someone. Because once we start comparing we start to invite chaos, secondly each one of us is not 100%. Everyone is imperfect, infact this whole universe is imperfect, and that it is why it is evolving. If we are 100% we are as good as dead. So imperfection is the beauty and force behind evolution. Due to these imperfections we face trials of life which not only make us strong but also masterpiece. How will you know it when you have not come to it, been it and realized it. No matter how much we read, but in real sense, until we experience we cannot evolve, because experiments in lab and real time experiments are different scenario,” continuing to talk I said, “God is also same, He is creating masterpiece out of our imperfection and helping us to evolve for better and better”

The chaos of life and flood of problems are process and design, to make us learn, be there and realize what we hold and what we are not. We all have come here for the purpose, to share something, some message, nothing is by chance or accident, but a part of design, for some meaning, for some purpose to be done through us as human, and until we find that purpose we keep on evolving and the flood is those imperfections which are being filtered.

Do not overload yourself with thoughts, the weight of thoughts is much heavier than the actual weight. Focus on now, what you have now, our beauty is we never live in Now but either past or future, and if we live in Now, our future will always be peaceful,

The walk came to an end, I know when we are surrounded with problems we sometime do not understand the basic guidance because our entire focus is on problems and not on solutions.Gradually the beautiful soul understood that life is all about moving ahead and facing the challenges like  video game, who is bravest reaches his success and finally bliss. Today I saw him again, and he was smiling, a smile of peace.

Understand that everything comes and goes, understanding the truth of transiency gives peace, not understanding help us create chaos.

By ~ Spiritual Veda